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This is the official website of Sir Gabriel Barrett Sanchez! Here we archive the events that lead up to his existance all the way to present day... and then tomorrow... you get the idea. Enjoy! To see ultra sounds, Jenny pregnant, videos of the proud parents to be click here!

New Trick

Photos from Gabe’s 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday!

The Capleys visit!

Gabriel turns 4!

Hello Gabe-ites! Due to the infinite distractions of Facebook I have been neglecting this site and adding all his videos to it and not here!

Today Gabriel Barrett Sanchez turns 4 years old!

So bookmark this page, subscribe by adding your email on the sidebar and I promise to start adding videos and photos here first!

Islands of Adventure & Universal

Gabe at The Aquabats


Kim’s Bday

mommies zombie slippers